Pure Electric Light Goods Vehicle (Van-type)

The BYD T3 is a pure electric light goods vehicle with low energy consumption and high performance. Its pure electric drive, powerful electric motor, and automatic shift, make it easy to operate and maintain. Powered by BYD’s proprietary Blade battery with a capacity of 44.9kWh, this silent-running vehicle produces zero emissions and features up to 300km driving range on a single charge.

The 50kW DC charger allows charging from 0-100% SOC near 1.2 hour. The 6.6kW AC charger allows flexible ways to plug with different charging facilities. *With a 3.8m³ cargo space and 0.7 ton payload, the BYD T3 meets the transportation needs of most urban logistics systems.

T3 front
T3 Rear
T3 Tail
T3 Steer
T3 Dashboard
T3 Door
T3 Shot

Power battery
Electric motor control
Regenerative brake
Keyless entry & start
Sliding doors on both sides
Pure electric drive
Large cargo space
AC & DC charging

Economic Benefits

Compared with traditional fuel light goods vehicle, electric light goods vehicle can effectively reduce the cost of urban logistics distribution with their low operating costs, resulting in considerable economic benefits to the business.


*Cargo space reaches 3.8 cubic
meters and overall load is over 0.7 tons.


* For 2 seat configuration

Technology Highlights


The BYD blade battery is state-of-the-art, featuring large capacity, quick charging, long lifecycle, and sustainability.

Keyless System

Keyless entry and push-button start, everything made easier.

start stop

Electric Motor Control

The CAN bus communication system for vehicle control provides intelligent management and maintenance, further reducing maintenance costs and increasing the vehicle’s safety and reliability.


BYD T3 features European standard combo2, CCS2 AC/DC integrated charging mode, with a DC quick charger that requires 1~1.5h to fully charge.


Cargo Hold

Large cargo space. The floor and side enclosures are designed with draw buckles for cargo fixation, so as to better guarantee its integrity during transportation.

Environmental Friendly


Currently, large numbers of logistics distribution vehicles represent an essential mode of transportation in cities for the convenience they provide, but are conversely a major source of urban pollution and emissions. As an emissions-free vehicle, the BYD T3 meets the sustainable development requirements of modern cities worldwide.


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